Choosing a pair of Tuffa Jodhpur Boots

Choosing a pair of Tuffa Jodhpur Boots

 When it comes to trying to chose which Jodhpur boots to go with there are a few factors, we have created a guide with these on to help you choose the perfect one for you!


A zip, laces or pull on? 

This is an age long debate and often it all falls to personal preference. Do not fear though we do have some recommendations!


Want more ankle support? We recommend getting something slightly higher up the ankle with a lace to really pull them tight if required. Don't worry if you go for something like our Dartmoor Easy's come with a zip so you can pull them on or off easily. 


Want something easy to pop on and off? Go for a simple front zip. Our Morgan Riding Boots front zip goes right down to the bottom on the instep and paired with a loop on the heel getting a pair of ankle boots on has never been easier.


Traditional pull on boots. Pull on boots have been around forever and are not going anywhere anytime soon. They tend to be a good budget option, are very robust and easy to maintain. Try our Polo Jodhpur Boots


Different Types of leather 

The main two types of leather used in short riding boots. 

Nubuck leather is a robust hard wearing leather that is easy to maintain and clean. It has somewhat of a casual appearance can be easily worn for any occasion.

The best leather treatment product you can use on nubuck leather is the Hewitts Dubbin

Full Grain leather is more formal and used in most traditional jodhpur boots and all competition riding boots.

Polished leather is far easier to match with a chap and your tack. Use a Polish to keep polished leather looking at its best.


Extra's To Consider

Although leather is naturally water repellent and you can treat it with a waterproofing spray we do some 100% waterproof jodhpur boots. These have a waterproof membrane making them perfect for wet yards! Our boots such as the Fjord Boots are waterproof! 


Still need help deciding? 

We are here to help!

Just contact us on 01953880914 or email us at

Our friendly team will give you advice and help you pick the right Tuffa Boots for you!

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