Care Guide

Some Facts about our leather:

Nubuck is a type of leather made from cowhide, it is sanded to create a nap and is made from the outside hide which makes it stronger and more durable. It must be cleaned and protected with products that are designed for nubuck.

Leathers can have many different finishes ( ie Waxed or polished ). Leathers are a natural product and many different environment's do have an impact on the life span and function of the boots so it is important that correct care and regular cleaning is given.

For daily use of riding boots we recommend you have a second pair of practical boots to change into for mucking out, yard duties and general field use, riding boots are not meant as an alternative to yard boots, as being continually submerged in water and muck will damage the leather used on those products.

Cleaning Do's

  • We recommend removing our boots with a boot jack, this prevents damage to the heel cap/area.

  • Gently wipe off dirt & debris with warm water, or you can try Leather Genie Cleaner, these remove mud with ease

  • Always allow 24 hours for the boots to dry ( depending on amount of water absorbed) in a dry ventilated room- not in direct sunlight, radiators any other heat source. Excess heat will make the leather hard and brittle

  • For our smooth Aniline leathers use shoe polish or leather cream to colour and care. For our nubuck, gently clean we recommend using a special nubuck care product.

  • Zips need special attention and to be cleaned regularly with a small brush, removing all mud, debris and horse sweat from the teeth of the zip to run smoothly, leaving zips uncleaned will affect the lifespan of the zips.

  • After zip cleaning we recommend using our Gear Aid Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant before the fist use again to ensure your zips are clean and running smoothly.

Care Once Cleaned and Dry

Waxed and polished leathers- you can use a protector spray such as the Carbon Pro, after using allow to dry before using a nourishing dubbin such as the Hewitts Dubbin with a soft cloth.

Using a polish will also help with the appearance and scuff marks on your boots.

All products mentioned are available on our accessories page.

Cleaning Dont's

  • Never leave your boots covered in muck and mud to dry

  • Do not use products such as detergents to clean boots

  • Do not dry your boots in direct contact with any heat sources.

  • Never store boots folded without boots trees

  • Never store boots when still damp

  • Never forget our boots are leather and will dry out and crack if left

Our Tuffa Boots will only look after you if you look after them!