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For many years we proudly sponsored the late, great, Team GB Olympic Showjumper, Tim Stockdale, and now the mantle has been passed down to Joseph Stockdale, showjumper, equine influencer, and all-around chip-off-the-old-block!

Joe's been riding since he was 4 years old, but he's not only a gifted equestrian; he also competed and played for Northampton County Cricket from age 11, choosing to focus on riding in 2018.

We are Joe and Team Stockdale's sole, sole provider!

Joe wears our bespoke riding boots "The Stockdale" which were developed with Tim and Joe back in 2015.

Team Stockdale wears a selection of Tuffa jodhpur and yard boots, including; Morgan, Fjord, Polo, Tipperary, Clydesdale, Spartan Safety, and Wayland Safety Boots.

Working with Joe is very exciting, his equestrian career is climbing and he's very proactive with his brand and the brands of his sponsors. His social media presence has an ever-growing audience and for us having that injection of youthful enthusiasm is very refreshing.

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"I'm really excited to be involved with the new Stockdale made-to-measure boot”

"It’s great looking, comfortable, and tough. It’s the real deal.”

 The Late Tim Stockdale

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