From The Yard To The Show Ring- changing your footwear to match!

From The Yard To The Show Ring- changing your footwear to match!

As an equestrian enthusiast you understand that different activities require specific equipment.

Ranging from dressage to show jumping and trail riding, each discipline demands specialised gear to ensure optimal performance and safety. 

This is no different when it comes to your boots, from needing a day to day yard pair to the pair you keep as "special" for competitions! Here at Tuffa we have a range of boots to help you select the right pair for every equestrian activity. 


Stable Work: 

From the stable work you do everyday, it is important you have comfort right from the start. We offer all types of boots including ones  tailored more towards yard duties will have a much more heavy duty sole. The advantages of a thick robust sole is superior grip and protection. 

Clydesdale Yard


Iceni Waterproof


Everyday Schooling and Lessons: 

When it's time for riding lessons and schooling sessions, the type of footwear you choose can impact the communication and performance with the horse. Whether you prefer the feel of a paddock boots with chaps or a long boot. Try a pair of Morgan Paddock Boots with matching Half Chaps or Gaiters or our Aylsham Riding Boots. For a more streamline competition fit which I personally prefer try the Derby! 



Dressage is all about precision, close contact between the horse and the rider and elegance. Traditional dressage boots provide the stiffened outside to provide the support and sleek appearance. Consider our Contour Dressage Boots for a traditional dressage boot. 

Show jumping:

In the world of show jumping, flexibility and security in the stirrups are crucial. With a softer leather or synthetic material, providing a close contact feel while allowing for a more flexible ankle. Our Stockdale Riding Boots, are our top pick for show jumping boots, with Showjumper Joe Stockdale riding in them everyday! For the younger rider the Cressingham Boots are perfect. 


Eventing combines dressage, cross-country, and show jumping, requiring versatile footwear to accommodate the different disciplines. Many eventers prefer tall boots with a front zipper for easy on and off between phases. These boots provide the necessary support for dressage while offering the flexibility required for cross-country and show jumping. Our new men's boot the Ovington is a perfect boot for men in the eventing world. If not try our Cambridge!

Side Saddle and Showing

We have Show boots, which are in keeping with all of the traditions for both hunting and the show ring. With a garter strap on our Showtimes and our Dunston's making the perfect finish to your attire. 


Transitioning your footwear between your everyday tasks and disciplines, is essential for equestrians aiming to excel in different disciplines.

By understanding the specific footwear requirements for each equestrian activity, you can optimize your performance, comfort, and safety. Invest in high-quality riding boots tailored to your chosen discipline, ensuring the right balance of support, flexibility, and style.

From stable chores to competing in the show ring, make the right footwear choices for a successful horsey journey.

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