How To Choose A Yard Boot

How To Choose A Yard Boot

Yard boots are comfortable, supportive and durable for going about all your everyday duties. Yard boots come in many variations including riding safe, waterproof and in both short and tall heights depending on your needs and usage.

Choosing the correct yard boots can be tricky. We ask a lot from our boots which we wear around the yard, often riding in them, mucking out in them and very often spend all day in them.

A good pair of yards boots is a great multi tasker, designed to excel in all tasks around the yard. But remember that sometimes the best footwear to tackle the dirtiest of jobs is a pair of wellies or alternating boots on different days.

Balancing Yard Work and Riding- 

We know how difficult it can be to have a pair of boots for around the yard and ride in them too, but most of our Tuffa Yard Boots, you can ride in!

But some yard boots tailored more towards yard duties will have a much more heavy duty sole. The advantages of a thick robust sole is superior grip and protection. 


The Clydesdale Yard Boots

The Clydesdales have a thick tread and sole for excellent durability, these are great for around the yard, farriers and farmers. You cannot ride in these due to the thickness of the sole.

The Aylsham All Rounder 

  • The rubber sole is a versatile width and suits most foot widths for ladies and men.
  • With a shaped toe, it fits well in the stirrup with enough tread for everyday chores and yet is not too heavy or clumpy for riding. Inside the boot, the X-comfort insole provides “ Xtreme” cushioning for all-day wear at the stables.
  • The Aylsham Riding Boots are weatherproof and breathable, repelling most wet conditions.
  • The foam-backed textile “Pacifico” lining incorporates a breathable membrane that provides insulation against harsh winter weather.  And yet, the lining is breathable for warmer seasons making them ideal for all-weather riding.
  • The YKK zip is secured at the top with a Zip lock closure and fastened with a top strap and Tuffa popper.
  • For a boot that is also happy with all-day wear and stable duties and the “feel” that it gives in the saddle sets it apart from so many “Yard” boots on the market.



Choosing a boot with more of a riding sole is far better if you intend to ride more in your yard footwear. Select a boot is a shallower tread that has a more fitted ankle and calf and will allow your feet to flex and respond more while riding. With many in our range check out our Yard Boot collection!


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