How to tell if your Tuffa Long Boots fit?

How to tell if your Tuffa Long Boots fit?

Choosing tall riding boots can be a difficult process.

Here are some tips to find if your boots fit correctly!

The Calf 

Calf fitting is the area most people do tend to struggle! The majority of people find it awkward buying long boots, we are here to help. 

1.The length of the boots should be just bellow the back of the knee. To help assume a riding position with your knees bent, it is okay to feel the boot in the crease of the knee, however this shouldn't be uncomfortable for you. All boots drop around 1/4 of an inch, if you are finding these a bit tall to start with we recommend using a heel riser!

2.The boots should be tight to start with, this is because the leather and the elastic has just come out of the box and needs time to stretch and give. Sometimes you may need a hand to fit these for the first time. 

The Ankle 

The fit around the ankle is down to personal preference, some people prefer a looser fit around the ankle for maximum movement and comfort whereas others love the support of a very tight fitting boot around the ankle. 

If your boots are a struggle to start with, use a thin sock .We have researched after many years of fitting boots and using a plastic bag instead of a stock can help you slide into the boots easily! 

If you have had enough of searching of the correct fit, we do a Made To Measure range! Available on all of our range. 

Find Our Fit

We have different fits- 

Find using our collections 

Slim Fit

Standard Fit

Plus Size Calf


Measuring your calf

Before ordering a pair of Tuffa boots we recommend you to measure your calf. All our boots have a size guide to ensure you have a great fitting riding boot.

Measure the widest point of your calf, make sure to measure with the socks and the breeches/jodhpurs you normally wear. 

Make sure to measure the height of the boot as well, This is done by measuring without any shoes on from the floor to the top of your leg-bellow your knee


Check out or fitting guide for Plus Size Calf 


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