How To Use Carbon Pro Waterproofing Spray

How To Use Carbon Pro Waterproofing Spray

Collonil is one of the most well know and trusted waterproof treatments around. You may ask what makes it so popular? It's simple:
Collonil Carbon Pro Works!
Carbon pro waterproof spray


What Collonil Carbon Pro says:

This high quality colourless waterproof protection employs a revolutionary net-like structure of polymer chains, creating a waterproof membrane onto your footwear. CARBON PRO's revolutionary technology is the first water proofer that works as a ‘spray on’ membrane. This latest technology gives perfect adhesion on all flexible surfaces whilst allowing the material to breathe, giving extended long-lasting protection against dirt and moisture. Carbon Pro can be used together with all other Collonil Care Products.

Suitable for use with:  All Leathers, High-Materials, Nubuck, Smooth leather, Suede, Synthetics, Textile, Clothing with softshell membranes 

Instructions for using waterproof spay:

Make sure surface is clean and dry, use in a well-ventilated room. Spray from at least 15cm away from freshly cleaned material. Allow to completely dry, for optimal effect spray twice. Repeat this every week for heavy use items or every two - three weeks for less frequently used items.

Why we choose this waterproofing spray:

Carbon pro acts as a barrier between the leather and the all the nasty stuff you can pick up at the stables. Not only does carbon pro waterproof the leather of your footwear but it also prevents mud and muck sticking directly to the leather and damaging and drying them out."

It is still advised that you use another product such as Hewitts Dubbin along side carbon pro in order for maximum protection and prolong the life of your boots.

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