How To Use Dubbin On Your Tuffa Boots

How To Use Dubbin On Your Tuffa Boots

What is dubbin?

Dubbin is the most marvellous leather treatment balm made from almond oil, bees wax and other natural products.

The clear difference between dubbin and other leather treatments or sprays in dubbin is absorbed into the leather nourishing it, this rehydrates tired footwear keeping it at its best. 

Why do I need dubbin?

Dehydrated, under nourished leather can shrink, dry out and crack. Once a leather cracks it is irreparable and your boots will start to fail you. 

Dubbin nourishes the leather putting much needed moisture back into it. It also protects and adds a level of waterproof protection by blocking the pores.

What leather is dubbin suitable for?

Dubbin is suitable for most leathers including waxed leather, polished leather and calf skin. 

When should I apply Dubbin to my boots?

How often should I apply dubbin?

As applying dubbin is really good for your boots you should apply it regularly especially if you are wearing your boots in harsh, hot, wet or cold conditions. We are all guilty of not cleaning our boots as often as recommended but you should apply dubbin generously at least every month, weekly if exposed to animal muck!

Dubbin FAQ

How long does it take dubbin to dry?

Dubbin takes around 6 hours to dry and absorb into your boots depending on the level of coating required.

Does dubbin make my boots darker?

Dubbin makes your boots slightly darker especially when it has just been applied. Your leather boots will naturally get lighter again when the dubbin wears off. This is a good indicator of when to re-apply.

Does dubbin waterproof my boots?

Dubbin adds really good water protection for your leather boots, it blocks the pores of the leather and provides a wax coating that acts as a barrier between your boots and water.

However the only way to fully waterproof a pair of boots is using a waterproof membrane. 

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