Our Directors Favourite Tuffa Boots

Our Directors Favourite Tuffa Boots

Our Favourite Tuffa Boots-


For me it has to be my Made To Measures, I have had them since 2019. They fit like a glove and they were so comfortable and smart from the first ride I wore them. 

My M2M are the Havanna, they are truly gorgeous. I helped design these and added my personal touch to the boots. I wear these everyday for schooling and for competitions. They even still fit after the 4 years I have had this current pair. 

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For Michelle I know it would be her Aylsham Riding boots, all of our boots when in the design process go through trials, when Michelle designed these she wore them riding her horse in the cold winter, because of the Pacifico Membrane we found they kept our feet and legs very warm and providing insulation against the harsh weather! Wearing them all year around they provide breathability for the warmer seasons. 

Because of the waterproof membrane, wearing them whilst mucking out and around the yard they are ideal for all day wear. 

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When we aren't on our horses (very rare occasion!) and we are out and about with Tuffa, whether meeting all of our Tuffa Shoppers at the shows or just in the office we both love our Endurance Riding Trainers. They provide the maximum comfort and support making them ideal for us at the trade stands where we are stood all day! 

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