Will My Leather Riding Boots Drop?

Will My Leather Riding Boots Drop?

It is a question we get a lot and the answer is yes!

All leather long boots drop a little in height as the leather stretches and loosens. You will find that you develop creasing around the ankle and this will result in the boots dropping slightly. 

The next question is a little more complicated. 

How much will my leather riding drop?

Long riding boots will drop around 1.5cm - 2.5cm*

Now this is dependant on quite a few variables:

  • The type of leather, a soft leather will drop more than a more stiff variety 
  • The fit, if you have gone for a tight fitting long riding boot you will find that the boots will drop less and a looser more casual riding boot is more likely to drop more.

Added support 

 Our long riding boots have added support around the ankle to minimise this drop and to offer protection against rubbing once the boots have dropped.


Find the right fit is essential to ensure that your boots won't drop too much and begin to rub. We also have a blog about the fit of the boots!

We offer a specialist over the phone fitting service to help you! Call us on 01953880914

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